1. A

    1996 CB750 Nighthawk - Fork Compatibility

    Hello everyone, Last night while attempting to remove the fork seals from my front right lower case (51420-MW3-A41), the seals got stuck and I wasn't able to get them out without ruining the right lower case. With this being the situation, I'm on the look out to replace the right lower case, as...
  2. P

    Another Fork Seal thread - 1981 CB750K DOHC

    I've had some bad luck with one of my fork seals consistently leaking and wanted to get the opinion of others. Take a look at the following pictures and please let me know if anything obvious stands out that could potentially cause a fork to leak: I feel like the problem likely has to do with...
  3. aceshadow

    1978 750 - GSXR Fork Swap Geometry Compensation

    Hello all! Some background (skip for question): I am new to this forum and bikes in general, and I'm working on my first bike project! I've ridden a couple other bikes in the past but really enjoyed the way the 750sohc rides and sounds so I decided to build one. I have been wanting to do a...
  4. G

    Forks have to go to dealer for disassembly?

    Way back on 8-16-2014 raene asked the question whether his 82 cb750c forks had to go to the dealer for disassembly. The question was never answered so I'll ask it again. Clymer book says my 82 F forks have to go to the dealer for disassembly -- true? Or is there some other way? I drained the...
  5. T

    CB750K1 Front end hop

    I've been creeping for a while now and cant figure out what's causing my front end to hop between 30 and 55 mph. I just bought the bike 2 weeks ago. I noticed the hop on my second ride. About 35 mph it becomes noticeable. Its a very rhythmic bounce too, not constant through the whole ride but...
  6. mrbigelow

    Forks Dropping

    Hello all! Question about a CB I picked up recently. The previous owner installed new forks and lowered the with Cycle X springs and a 3 inch spacer. They're pretty low already at the resting stance (without me on the bike), but when I hop on the bike and put some weight on the bars, the front...
  7. J

    aftermarket air shocks

    I have a 200 CB750 and would like to replace the rear shocks. Has anybody had any issues with replacing the stock shocks with aftermarket shocks that have a nitrogen chamber. I think it may not be mounted at the frame without interference with the rear cowling. Any suggestions would be...
  8. S

    Looking for dual brake forks

    Hi, Thanks for letting me join, am in the process of restoring a 1982 CB750K am needing front forks for said bike, but it has duel front brakes, does anyone know where I might find any? Thanks
  9. L

    CB750 swingarm bushing size

    Looking for the O.D. of the factory bushing in the swingarm, anyone able to help?? Les Holt
  10. O

    Cb750f2 how to soften front forks.

    My new to me 1977 f2 feels very firm at the front end giving it a choppy feel. I also have a Kawasaki kz750 twin which has a much softer feel to it which I prefer. What is the best way to soften the Hondas feel, thinner oil, less oil ? Or would softer springs from an earlier model do the trick...
  11. M

    81 CB750 Front forks very soft

    Hi im looking to stiffen up the front forks on my cb750 and I noticed the top of the forks has a rubber hose between the two with what looks like a common air hose fitting. Do these bikes take air in the forks or nitrogen?
  12. M

    1983 Nighthawk 750 Fork Oil Capacity

    Does anybody know the fork oil capacity for a 1983 Nighthawk 750? Also, will it matter if I remove the original caps and replace them with some that won't allow me to add air? The hose connecting the two forks would stay in place.
  13. K

    Fork Oil,.?

    Does anyone know what weight of Fork Oil to use in a 1981 Honda cb 750 K.
  14. T

    Newbie with a suspension height question, exhaust, and intended use question

    Hello - I'm such a newbie I haven't even bought a CB750 yet, but this seemed like a good place to ask for some coaching on these bikes. I'm a casual rider, mix of around town and generally under 200 miles a weekend touring. I'm an OK rider, have been riding a long time but not that many total...
  15. C

    Leaking rear shocks cb750 sevenfifty

    Hi My rear shocks are leaking on my cb750 sevenfifty from 1998 Shocks are Original Question because i do not ride the bike alot Can i drain the oil somewhere or where is the oil that i can drill a hole? I supose the shocks cannot be renewed cheap so the best option is to buy other,s but...
  16. K

    Fork Seal Stopper Metal Ring

    I am ready reassemble my Forks on my 81 Honda CB 750 ,. Can anyone show me where the metal seal stopper goes,.? Thks Keith,.,
  17. S

    Help with CB750 Fork Brace Identification

    Hey Guys, I am a newbie to the forum but an avid motorcycle enthusiast. Back in 2011, I stumbled across a C/L ad for a Honda CB750 collection of parts in Colorado Springs. The wife was selling her ex's collection of Honda CB750 OHC parts. The story goes he was a Honda Service Manager...
  18. K

    Source for 750 K2 Headlight / Fork Ear Bushings

    Hi, Anybody know a source for the rubber bushings inside the headlight / fork ears? Rehabbing a barn find K1/K2. It came to me as a '71 frame & motor with a '72 front end. It sat for quite some time before I got it and most all the rubber bits on it need replacing. There are used bushings...
  19. M

    Rubber Rear Shock replacement for part #52484-292-000

    What the hell makes this piece so damn expensive and causes everyone to charge over $7.00 for shipping? Where or how can I make replacements for this tiny little piece? The ones currently installed are dry rotted and the suspension is bad so needs replacement.
  20. K

    Rear Shock spring cleaning,

    I disassembled my rear shocks on my 1981 Honda CB 750 K,. And was wondering if anyone knows a trick to cleaning the inside of the rear spring,., Thks Keith,.,
  21. K

    Handelbar weights

    As I am slowly restoring this 1981 Honda CB 750 K,. The handelbars were not OEM,. And were for a Bobber,.,I noticed in my Parts Pics on Babbits there are what they call Handelbar weights,.? Which look like 2 metal rods with threads on each end,.,Do I need these ,.,?
  22. K

    Front Forks,.,

    When I took apart my forks on my 81 Honda CB 750 K. I noticed a ring thin in design. And had some weird shapes to it.,,Do I need to replace these when reinstalling Fork assm. ? Thks Keith,.,
  23. B

    frame and suspension geometry differences

    edit: nevermind .... this place is dead.
  24. K

    Front Suspension,.,

    So as I am taking my front suspension apart on my 81 CB 750 K.,What part does the oil line play in this . And should I rebuild these since it is a frame up rebuild,.,? Thks Keith,.,
  25. T

    Fork Measurements

    Hey everyone, Long time creeper on this page, picked up a ton of great information. I've scoured the interwebs of the future and couldn't find anything on this, so I'm hoping the motorcycle gods have bestowed this knowledge on one (or a few) of you. I'm building an '82 CB750F and I'm nearing...
  26. M

    swinging arm

    Does anyone know if a cb400/4 90s mod swinging arm will fit a 1998 cb750.Thanks Mick
  27. S

    '81 CB750F front suspension lowering spacers

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of rebuilding a CB750F with a few mods, one of those is lowering the front suspension. i will go down the route of ordering shorter tubes but I would like to try it first with some spacers to see how much lower i want to go. Do you guys know a webshop/site that...
  28. mrdrhawk

    TRAC question

    First off thank you for the membership. I recently installed new fork seals and progressive springs in my 82 cb750sc and doing so thought I would eliminate the air assist by removing balance hose and plugging caps. My question is by removing balance hose have I prevented the TRAC system from...
  29. B

    what shocks

    I am roughly 255 pounds..... I need to find out what shocks to order. specs maybe brand that will hold my weight and also have decent to great performance.
  30. Motorhead

    Moderate Front End Upgrade

    Lately, the rust spots on my fork tubes have started spreading, it looks like they're up for replacement. What I have on the bike right now a complete front end off a 1980 CBX1000A - 35mm forks, with a Telefix fork brace. A few years ago I also have installed Race-Tech springs and...