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    Starter not engaging at all, no clicking noise at all either

    I recently bought a 1981 CB750k I changed the handlebars , grips bushings , spark plugs and fork oil. The recent owner told me the bike had a charging issue so when I got it I tested everything (battery, rotor, bushings, regulator rectifier). The bushings were bad so I ordered some and now I have one bushing that works and the other does not. Iím not 100 percent sure I know how to test further up but I tested further up the same way youíd test the bushings and it seems the white cord isnít getting a reading at all (with multimeter set to 200 ohms). Iím completely stumped on that issue but now on top of that the bike wonít even start. It was running just fine before , as long as the battery was charged it started up perfectly. Now when I hit the starter nothing at all happens, no noise, no dimming lights, nothing at all. I charged the battery up to full, still nothing , I have no idea what to do , please help any and all comments would be much appreciated

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    If the battery is bad you can charge it forever and still not get any power in it.

    The rotor is the most common part to fail there.

    Starter? Follow the main battery positive cable to the left side of bike under side cover. It will attach to a part very similar to this one:

    You are looking for the two nuts shown on that close to the type but not exact part, it will still have the nuts. Battery cable goes to one and the other nut holds the main starter cable. With a good battery you can short the two nuts together say with pliers for a second and the starter will move or something is wrong with that main circuit.
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