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I just started my CB again. Rectifier/regulator was toast. Changed it out along with the battery and had a great ride. now i am in the process of changing the front tire, took it out and suddenly the bike does not start again. The spark is there although you need to have it a couple of inches from the block to get a good spark.

Coils were changed last year.

What could be wrong? battery gets charged by 13,3V when bike was running.
i should have specified, the starter is going. Did a compression test, and am using a starterfluid.

Should be very strange that it suddenly does not start again.

I do suspect a weak spark as i need to hold my sparkplug quite a bit away from the bike to get a good spark. How can this be so of a sudden as it ran perfectly just 3 days ago. Maybe a bad ground? Or something to do with the front wheel being off and not loading the bike. Sidestand switch?
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Your spark plug should be grounded against the head to produce a spark from the electrode the tip. Creating a spark from the spark plug to the head isn't what you want.
Starters go bad when they go bad, it isn't a gradual thing.
The front tire off the ground doesn't matter. Check the simple stuff: kill switch is in RUN, side stand up, in neutral, etc.
Does the bike struggle to turn over? Or does it turn over fine but doesn't start?