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Life after vetter not better


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I just took my vetter fairing of my 78 Honda. The PO didn’t cut the loom but just spliced into it. I’m terrible with electrikery . There is no power going to the headlight. Everything else on the bike works as should . I don’t have any front turn signals or horn on the bike yet. The ground is working to the headlight but no power to the blue or white wires. There is also no power to the dimmer switch. The wiring diagram is a little bit off in terms of which color wires are on which side and im not sure which wire is suppose to feed it. Brown ? Or Brown and blue ? Or ?
im about to straight wire it but there may be a more logical answer to this. Do they feed through the missing turn signals ? Like I said I’m not the best at wiring and it’s giving me a headache
The light worked when the vetter was on it.
Thanks for any replies
There should be a Brown/Red wire entering the dimmer switch that carries power from the fuse box to the dimmer switch
Thats the one I thought and there isn’t any. I guess I could just find a hot and run it into that one.
What color wires ya got there at the dimmer switch? Also, what color wires are present at the fusebox (3 circuits)?
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I’ll have to look tomorrow. I opened up the switch and there was no power to any of the three wires coming to it.
Thanks all for prompting me to look at the fuse box. I am reminded to check first things first. The fuse was blown. I spent all that time checking wires. It didn’t look like it was bad but it was.
All is good now .