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Just acquired these two beauties. On the trailer from left to right, are a 1984 Honda VT700C (aka Shadow 700) and a 1978 Honda CB750K. The Shadow is missing the seat, rear fender, side covers, is non-running, and frankly I think she is scrap bait. The CB750K on the other hand is more interesting.

These machines were found in an estate in New Jersey, and the Executor needed to get the house on the market by April 1st. So a deal needed to be made for both MCs, which I reckon deflected some buyers. So I snapped these up at once if for no other reason, they each have clean titles.

Enough of the tale. The CB750 had the red, earlier model year tank sitting on it (picture #2), the rusty bottom of which has been repaired with fiberglass! I've never seen that before. The crusty 4-into-1 header is in place of the original exhaust, but they are present in the pictures below. As usual they are somewhat rusted out, I may sell those as is to an interested party (messages welcome).

Now for the good parts. The deal also includes a 1978 model fuel tank, no dents, and fair paint...but the inside looks like it was made yesterday! I mean the inside of that tank looks great, as does the petcock. Not only do I have titles, but I have keys as well, a true rarity. Both brakes work and the clutch works too! The OEM front fender is in a box, as is a spare rusty fuel tank, OEM airbox, and odds & ends.

The starter motor works, the kick starter works, the carb cycle to the throttle twist, and it seems to have compression! The plugs do not have spark though. I suspect that will be a fuse, bad ground or loose wire. Even if I have to invest in an entire electrical system, I think it is in budget.

What I will need includes seat, side covers, Brake light cover, paint and TLC.

This should be a fun build. More pictures to follow. Cheers!

More pictures. The fiberglass tank is sitting on the bike. These are the carbs that were on the bike at time of purchase, but pictures in books show different models.
nice job on the tank ;-) are you going to replace it? Are you fixing the exhaust or buying new?
That repaired tank looks like it will hold fuel. I am no kind of welder, so I be happy to sell them on as is. Based on scarcity of originals (and or high prices) I may opt for a new (or NOS) 4-into-1 exhaust when I start the resurrection.