cb750 dohc

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    1983 CB750C DOHC Charging Issues

    Hi, i'm new around here and i'm sorry in advance for my english 'cause it's not my native language. Anyway, i've recently purchased a 1983 CB750C DOHC, at first when i brought the bike home it lasted solid 30 minutes, then i came back to the garage and it stalled down. Gone through all the posts...
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    1980 CB750 “Beavertail” Cafe Build

    Week 0 - Intros and Goals What’s up everyone, I’m posting here to keep track of a build I’ve been planning out and to hopefully ask and answer some questions along the way. I recently began some online courses covering engine building and automotive wiring and thought a motorcycle might be a...
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    Resto- Mod '81 CB750C

    Hello folks, new to forums and new to CB's! I am starting to work on this project and have some questions: Looking for an offset front sprocket? What are you doing for a carb support when you remove the air box? Here is what I have going on now: '99 GSXR front end, Cognito Stem conversion...
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    Sideways play in front drive sprocket (normal???)

    I have been rebuilding a 1979 CB750 engine for some time now (on and off). Since it had been so long since I took my engine apart, I decide to do a mock assembly of my crankcase before I close the crankcase up for good! Everything seems to be fitting well and turning/working as intended (and...
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    81 CB750c cylinders 2 & 4 won't fire

    I've got a 1981 cb750c. About a month ago I fired it up for the first time after sitting in my garage for 4 months over winter, had just done an oil change, and bought new plugs, it ran like a top. After that I pulled the carbs off to clean the floats, put the carbs back on today to run it and...