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    1995 CB750 Nighthawk Exhaust Help

    The Japanese site is They do not have an exhaust for the night hawk.
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    Wheel size

    I switched to smaller D.I.D. Aluminum rims on my K6 but it was so long ago (1978) I don't recall the size drop. I think it was 1" per wheel, 18"f, 17"r. There were no fit issues for the brakes. If you can find an older Honda mechanic they might know.
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    1995 CB750 Wont Start

    Don't just go through the battery, go through to your starter, charging system as a whole. Be methodical in how you address the problem. You might want to invest in a good Shop/Service manual. Get a Honda one if you can find one. Amazon carries most OEM manuals. As does you Honda shop.
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    1995 CB750 Nighthawk Exhaust Help

    As I recommended to another member, take a look at Delkevic. They make stainless steel headers, no chrome to chip of and rust. I've had Kerker, and Delkevic. The Delkevic is much better deal for under $600/avg.
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    exhaust suggestions

    My bike is a 1980 CB750f and it was no problem finding the right set. They make a straight pipe muffler, megaphone. If you do get one make sure you lean any hand prints before starting the bike. The stainless holds oils really good. Compared to to $1500 or more Kerker I'd say they've done a...
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    Damaged Piston?

    Oops, "especially if its something you haven't done before". Not have..
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    Damaged Piston?

    For me, I wouldn't be putting a Dremel to your piston, especially if its something you have done before. Inspect both above and below the damage. Inspect the rings as well and make sure there is nothing preventing the ring from moving in the groove. The reason you might not see any damage to...
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    Throttle Cable Routing, 1974 CB750

    Cable routing can be found in Honda Shop/Service manual. Not clymer or haynes manual/970587/Honda-Cb750.html
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    exhaust suggestions

    For the money try Delkevic.stainless steel, well made.and you can buy it on Amazon.
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    Front brake

    Have you checked the brake hose ? If its the stock one the rubber stretches over time. When you the brake the hose expands causing the fade. The master cylinder could also have a leak internally. Replacing the o-ring might not be enough.
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    Carb fuel question and fitment

    Please talk to the guy at themotorcycleprojectcom. He only works on Honda carbs. He is an expert in Honda carbs. He might chew you out for buying unknown carbs. You said a '79. Your carbs should be VB42B. This will be stamped on Carb #1. That's the one on the left side. The T fitting is a...
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    CB750c 1981 weak charge issue

    First, I'm not receiving any compensation. Talk to Tony at He will fix you right up. I've done 2- 750's. The 1st was a '78 SOHC. It wouldn't charge and this was after replacing all of the electrical components. His solid state regulator/recifier assy. replaced the...