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    I purchased a 1977 cb750 for a weird wacky scrambler build a few months ago. Work kept me busy and I slowly tore things apart. In doing so I discovered the previous owners got fairly hands on with the wiring, cutting bits and pieces and adding in their own hackjobs as they went. Upon discovering so I decided to order a new wiring harness.

    The wiring harness came and most things line up appropriately, but unfortunately they company I got it from used wire colors that either dont match factory or make it seem like the wire is something it's not. I've got a clymer manual, but cant seem to make sense between the two. I've built bikes before and havent had this hard of a time with the wiring so I came for help.

    The first wires I'm trying to figure out run along the bottom right side of the engine case, the wires are black, white, and red with a white stripe, and for the life of my I cant figure out where they should connect to, if anyone has pictures of the wires they go to.
    The second is a greenish wire with a braid coming from above the sprocket cover. I again cant figure out where it goes.

    In my pictures(if I can load them) you'll see some of the wiring hacks of the previous owner.

    Thanks for any help!

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    send some pictures of your new harness and the ends of the wires

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