95 CB750 shorter slow jet work Y/N ?


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Have an Winter project bike , No history on it and been sitting outside for a few years.
Everything on the Bike was well gummed up , rebuilt hydraulics on brakes , battery voltage regulator,cleaned tank etc.etc.

Bought a carb rebuild kit on ebay (chinese). I know cheap crap, but bikes rough and not sure if worth dropping $ into it .

1st thing is the slow jet received is the shorter Keihnin 35jet 23.5 mm long and a 35jet 28mm long came with bike.
Will it draw fuel ? even though it is higher in float bowl ?

The main jets themselves are taller on rebuild kit and the cross holes in the piece it attaches to are a smaller diameter .

The needle ? Forget about it ! It won't even fit , Can't install , it has a extra thick piece at the top and won't sit and can't lock into place.

Boiling old parts might be my only option at this point


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Yep , PITA for sure , Waited a month for janky ebay chinese rebuild kit :cussing:,
I can use float bowl gaskets and pilots screws (at least they work)
No knowing history of bike is added frustration .
Boiled all "original" stuff and and was able to clear the slow jet.
The original jets were <105 and 112 is stock ? New jets are 112 but a little bit longer and going to try using them.
Even had parts older dynojet kit parts and trying to make heads or tails of it all. (3 different sets of needles )

One Question does the jet needle actually seat closed at rest or hover a little ?


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It hovers and must wobble a bit, it allows the flow to center it. Positive solid contact would lead to lightning wear.

Need Keihin brand jets, after market often do not flow right and will not be so closely matched in flow. Even Dynojet won't match OEM flows, they commonly flow less with bigger numbers to make people think they were jetting 'up' when they weren't.



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Thanks for the help , it's is very appreciated
I've got the service and Cylmer manuals
got it running ,(little rough) waiting for ice to melt and try an idle drop adjustment .
Stock tachometer doesn't seem to work :doh:
When I took it apart original no adjusting caps on pilots were a 3 1/4, 1 1/2, 2 1/4 and 4 1/2 to stop ?
Sounds weird right ? I wonder why
All new pilots are set at 2 5/8 and need to bring idle up .

Looking at buying Motion pro screwdriver but 2" at turn will it work ?
It's $30 cheaper than the socket adjuster (1 1/4" high)
Tight fit
BTW- has anyone removed the bulky bracket holding carbs together next to pilots ?