1. 9

    91 nighthawk vaccum to petcock issue

    PLEASE Help, I have a 91 cb750 nighthawk not getting any fuel, I replaced the petcock to find out that that is not my issue. It’s the smaller vacuum line that look like goes into the engine. I am not getting any suction to the Petcock is not pushing fuel thru to the carb. Please if anyone can...
  2. M

    1978 CB750A tank petcock questions

    Hello all, glad to be a part of this group. I do apologize if this has been covered before. I picked up this beauty with only 3062 original miles. Obviously been sitting. Issue I am inquiring about is I am in the tank cleaning stage. This is a single tube petcock screw on design. When I removed...
  3. MagFlux

    Question About '78 CB750K Fuel Tank

    Hey all, Been searching for a while and I simply can't find any documentation or labeling about something I'm looking to identify on my fuel tank and was hoping you all could help me out. Long story short, I recently bought a '75 CB750F which has a '78 CB750K fuel tank mated to it. Everything...
  4. C

    Fuel Petcock/ starting issue

    Hi, so I've been working on my 72 CB750 for a few weeks now. Cleaned the carbs and tried to start her up. The starter worked but it did not fire up. It seemed like it wasn't getting gas. I took the Petcock off and cleaned it all out and still nothing. When there is gas in the tank and the...
  5. C

    Petcock tube stuck in tank

    Hello, I'm a novice at working on motorcycles, but I just yesterday sealed my 81' CB750 tank with the POR15 kit. I removed the petcock ahead of time, but it wasn't until after the whole thing was said and done that I now realize the tube coming off the petcock (filter?) is stuck in the tank...