1980 cb750f

  1. B

    1980 CB750 “Beavertail” Cafe Build

    Week 0 - Intros and Goals What’s up everyone, I’m posting here to keep track of a build I’ve been planning out and to hopefully ask and answer some questions along the way. I recently began some online courses covering engine building and automotive wiring and thought a motorcycle might be a...
  2. Johnnyboyy666

    1980 cb750F carbs n rotors

    Aye all! I recently bought my lovely 1980 cb750F (Betty) and installed some K&N pod filters in place of the crappy emgo pod filters with little to no actual filtration, and since installation my bike hasn’t been running as good and backfiring in decel. Im unsure if I need to resync or rejet the...
  3. C

    Custom side fenders for 1980 750f

    Has anyone ever come across someone making custom side panels for their 750? On my cafe build I've chopped the frame and had a custom seat made. The stock side panels don't match up with the new seat so I was looking into making some of my own out of carbon fiber or fiber glass. I've been...
  4. L

    CBR600F2/F3 Ignition Coils Swap

    Good morning! I have a 1980 CB750F, my buddy has a CB1100F and says that I can swap the ignition coils and wires from an F2 for an "easy plug and play upgrade." Would I have to retune/advance the timing or do anything else if I were to perform this swap? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!