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    What model tires are you running and why?

    I'm looking to replace the tires on my '78 750F and am looking for recommendations. Currently, my top pics are the Bridgestone BT45, Michelin Pilot Activ and Avon AM26, anyone have any thoughts?

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    ive ran avons on 2 bikes so far. long lasting good looks and decent price.

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    I asked this question about three months ago on another site and ended up with Avon Speedmasters. I haven't ridden them enough yet to give them a fair shake, but they were highly recommended.
    -79 CB750K

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    Dunno why everybody makes such a big deal over tires, they all work fine until they get some road crown wear on the front to make bike begin to wobble at speed. That's if bike is a DOHC, it's been a known issue with bikes wobbling with less than 5K miles on new tires if ridden hard. When the tires get older watch your front, you can clearly see the lopsided wear begin that causes all the trouble. It has nothing to do with bike frame being straight aligned. All the bike magazine testers mentioned the problem in varying amounts.

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    I run Bridgestone s11 on my 79f. Just like em.

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