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    Adjusting the Point at Which the Lever Engages the Clutch

    I recently picked up a CB750K2 that is in near-flawless condition. It was purchased in Italy in 1974 and has had three owners, including me. Together the first two owners put a total of only 311 miles on the bike. Because the bike sat for so long, the second owner had to put thousands into making it road worthy. Entire engine, carbs, forks, brake etc. were completely rebuilt and any parts that needed it were replaced with OEM parts. All the work was done by a Honda mechanic. The bike runs like new and indeed it is.

    The one thing I think is an issue is that the clutch does not engage until the lever is almost all the way out. WIth all my other bikes, the clutch engaged earlier and I prefer it that way.

    I've tried adjusting the clutch settings at the lever and below at the other two adjustment spots by the book (owner's manual). I've set them individually, in combination, in different sequence -- a number of ways. I know how Honda says to do it, and the clutch does not creep or slip, but I still don't like it.

    The cable is fine. It's not stretched or kinked. Nothing seems amiss anywhere.

    Could this be a characteristic of this particular bike or is there anything I else I could try? Like I said, I went by the book as well as tried to do it by feel and I just can't get it.

    Sorry for all the yada-yada but I asked this question in another SOHC form and a pack of old dinosaurs assumed I didn't know what I was talking about and bit my head off.

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    How you inspected the internal clutch parts? Could have been assemble wrong or there may be worn parts causing the clutch plates to hang up. The because a Honda mechanic did the work doesnt mean it was done right. Never take the word of someone else on what was done inside the motor, to many things go by assumption. All of my 750 stuff seem to engage the clutch later in the lever travel.

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    I look at lever about 2/3 the way out maybe a bit more. I'd be messing with the absolute clearance at the clutch pack itself.

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