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    Air Box Removal / '79 CB750F Super Sport

    hello cb750 friends -- how do I remove the stock air box on a '79 CB 750F SuperSport DOHC ? Do I have to remove the carburators first ? I'm in the process of installing a smaller custom-fabricated air box.

    I'd appreciate any guidance and advice.

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    Most yank the carbs to do it easier. It's a mess not doing it, there are no instructions for getting airbox off other than you fight it more if carbs stay on. Yanking carbs will crack the rubber manifolds if they are old too.

    You should know too that nothing on earth works as well as the stock airbox does for low rpm torque. The air volume inside is carefully chosen to snap the slides up faster, I doubt your new box will do that as well. They never do. Don't sell the old one, people will snatch it up instantly that have already found that out.

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