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    Custom exhaust undertaking

    So for the longest time I was really unhappy with the muffler options out there.... I had always wanted something like the under mounted box exhaust for the Ducati monster.... But found nothing out there.... I attempted to just slash cut my muffler off just after the coupling from my 4 into 1 header, and while it looked awesome, my neighbors didn't love it.... The neighbourhood kids on the other hand, did love the fire it would spit out.... Then winter happened, time became available, so I decided to just make it myself.... I haven't tried it out yet, but I imagine it will quiet things down a little, while still keeping the low profile I was aiming for.... Thoughts community?

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    Blerg.... Looks like the pics will have to wait till registration is sorted.... In the mean time, just use your imagination..........

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    The guts

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    Will post pics tonight

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    ........ Click image for larger version. 

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