So I'm nearing completion on my 1973 Cb750 build, and decided to wire it up with a Motogadget M-Unit Basic. Everything had been going well, and I was sorting through my ignorance of wiring switches to ground side when I hit a snag. I had just finished rectifying some ground issues, and had checked some individual circuits at the front of the bike with a known ground as they had not been grounding, after confirming that the new frame ground would work, I turned the ignition switch off and wired the circuits exactly as they had been tested and functioned. When I turned the ignition back on, the m-unit ran through the standard start up lights, then all the LED's began flashing simultaneously. I quickly turned the ignition back off and the lights went out. I removed the ground from the new circuits intending to test them individually, and turned the ignition back on. All led's began flashing again, first on the output side then on both sides. I quickly cut ignition again but the lights continued to flash until I disconnected the battery. I rechecked all the main battery and ground connections and found no issues. I then traced each wire to see if there was a short along the way, and found no issues. I had had one previous short doing the headlight and it only faulted that circuit. I cannot find this condition listed in the manual or on any other forum. For reference I am running an antigravity 4-cell battery. Please Help!!!!

Also, fun note I learned for anyone wanting to do an old-school toggle for the headlight, don't, it still believes it is a push button.