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    Stripping and repainting my engine

    Hello all, complete newbie here. Last summer my uncle was gracious enough to give me his 1980 CB750f. I am in the early stages (tear-down) of cafeing it out and the thing that is stressing me out the most is having to strip and repaint the block. As it sits it has some really nasty chipping black paint on it which I would have to remove. Keep in mind this is my first project EVER. What would be the best way to go about this? Sandblast? I have read oven cleaner if applied liberally and let to sit for 24 hours will remove the paint after a quick hose off. Do you think it would just be more efficient for me to send it off somewhere and have the professionals do it?

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    Probably. Most paint removers now are water miscible to be happy with the environment and leaving a cylinderblock in them overnight can ruin one when the lower part rusts due to the water component in the paint remover. BEWARE, oven cleaner may do the same.

    You want glassbead not sandblast, the same thing but with much finer particles. You MUST mask off the cylinder bores themselves as the microdenting will affect ring seal. Get somebody doing it right and you will be very happy with the outcome. Glassbead removes virtually no material but sand will erode the piece, it's way too rough.

    Glassbeaded part will be as the block with zero paint on it but you MUST clean the part six ways to sundown; the bead powder is very fine and will destroy running engine parts in a second.

    NEVER bead cases without blocking off the oil passages, some have limiters in them and once bead has gotten blown past them even the strongest of cleanings will not remove it all, the engine then eats itself when started up from the microscopic razor blades in the oil.

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    I painted an engine whole a couple of years ago, ended up having to rebuild it later anyways and repainting it again.
    Anyway, here's the post of the first time I did it.

    So two important parts here is to clean the crap out of it, get all dirt and oil off. Then, engine enamels need to cure. Don't depend on the engine running up to temperature to cure the paint as not all the engine gets that hot. As you can see in my post I made a makeshift oven out of an old box. Then engine needed to cure at 200+ degrees, cardboard combustion is at 450.
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