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Hi, Gene here from SoCal. Looking to get back into motorcycling after a long absence. Grew up riding dirt bikes in the Southern California desert, started when I was 13. Rode Kawasaki's, Suzuki's, Ossa's and Bultaco. My street bikes included a Honda 550-4 and a Suzuki 500 2-stroke twin.
Looking for a stock 750 in good condition, a sohc or dohc is ok.
Still working on a 1971 CB750, it's fun turning a wrench and working out all the bugs. Paid too much for it, I'm always ready for a hard luck story. Didn't realize how much work it was going to need, have to replace just about everything but it's getting there. Best wish's to all those keeping the old bikes going, Peace out, SC.
I had the carbs professionally rebuilt, because the number three cylinder wasn't firing, but was getting spark. Now only numbers 1 and two are firing. What do I need to look at on my 1982 750 Custom? I reinstalled it myself.
Switch your plugs around just a double check it's not a bad plug... Then I would test my coils
Love your bike a great example, I detail bikes paint, plus apply ceramic Si02 coating on my own bikes. 🇬🇧
Quite near to me mate. I am near retford too.
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Sorted valves Mick Mick just got to rebuild covers and then on to the carb issue I have. Been give some excellent advise by two knowledgeable lads from Australia. So carbs off next and start cleaning again. Stay safe
Carbs are a right pain. I thought I had cleaned them enough, but enough is never enough with these beasts. In the end, I got a second set from Newark auto jumble which are better but not 100% but rideable and smooth.
Good idea just missed Newark auto jumble when's the next one do you know. Which ones did you get were they the same I've got vb52s on cb750 Dohc 1981
I want to discontinue getting facebook notifications.
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BuENAS nesecito el diagrama de encendido de la honda cb 750 custom modelo 81 muchas gracias