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I"m wanting to install a windscreen. Through all these years, have there been brands or models that have risen to the top of the list of best options for this particular bike by personal experience of the people on this forum? I"m 6'2" and have a fairly long torso, so my helmet is up there a ways. Thanks
Do you want a tall windshield you look through with the resulting turbulence around your helmet? Or a bikini fairing that blocks wind blast from mid-chest down, while leaving your helmet in clean air with no turbulence?

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So this is why I needed to ask. I assumed a tall windscreen would throw the air over my chest AND helmet and eliminate any buffeting, and a bikini style windscreen would put all the air straight into my faceshield which would INCREASE the buffeting. It sounds like this is not the case?
Height doesn't mitigate buffeting that wraps around the sides of a windshield. Our ST1300 has an electrically-adjustable windshield that will raise well over the top of the Rider's helmet. The pocket becomes more still but, wraparound buffeting is still very apparent. The only time it's raised is when Ridin' through steady rain. Otherwise it's down & the Rider looks over the top, which is about 8" ~ 10" below level line of sight.

Personal preferences here:
Neither of us like to look through a windshield. We prefer to look well over the top without anything other than a face shield between our eyes & the road. Too, we both like a windshield that is low enough that the top edge doesn't continuously pass through our line of sight as the road rises & falls in front of us as we move. Since we both came up on naked bikes (UJM's), we're used to our helmets being in clean air with no buffeting except for that caused by a vehicle relatively close in front of us.

Z1BEBE rode behind a National Cycle handlebar-mount screen on her '75 Z1-B for one season many years ago. The top edge was only about 2" ~ 3" below her level line of sight. She (and I, when I rode her Z1) didn't like the helmet buffeting, or the distraction of the top edge often passing through line of sight. She removed it after one season & she always rode sans any screen for years after.

Stock CB750 Nighthawks always looked sorta 'unfinished' to us at the front end. When Targa introduced their bikini fairings it was a no-brainer. Targa factory color match was perfect. They look good IOHO's, and we both found them very comfortable; windblast from upper chest on down is blocked, helmet in clean air, no screen edge intruding in line of sight. And we think they give the bike a fine final touch.

Windshields & fairings are very personal items. What works well for one is an anathema to another.

Targa and Rifle both made fairings for CB750 Nighthawks. Both are NLA except they pass through fleaBay occasionally. We've also seen the ubiquitous 'universal' bikini fairings mounted on Nighthawks. They're inexpensive & still widely available. A National Cycle or other brand handlebar mount screen won't break the bank if you wish to experiment & decide you don't like it.

We have a spare Targa fairing color matched in '93 Candy Metallic Red with mounting hardware. It came to us with some scratches that would be reasonable easy to refinish. Tinted screen is in GC. No cracks in the fiberglass. See the linked pic below for examples of the Targa fairings on our '93 750's.

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