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Threads in 'The Garage' forum are categorized into topics using tags uses a tagging system to categorize threads in 'The Garage' forum into specific motorcycle related topics. Many other forum websites will have several forums (or sub-forums) for the main categories of discussion. Those categories or topics might be things like engine, carburetors, exhaust, etc. When someone creates a thread, they first choose which topic to start the thread in. Things are done a little differently on All motorcycle related threads are posted in 'The Garage', and threads are assigned a tag (or two) for the main topic(s) that the thread is about. Tags can be added by the person who started the thread either when the thread is created, or at a later time. Threads can also be tagged by another member. Having multiple tags allows threads to show up in more than one topic at a time. Sometimes a thread will start out as a discussion of pistons and will end up with some good discussion on carburetors. With traditional forum categories and topics, that thread would still only be in the engine section.

This whole concept uses the tagging system. If a member creates a thread and wants it to show up under the main topic of carburetors, they'll add the tag 'carburetors'.

On the main forum page, there are several pre-defined tags listed under 'The Garage'. If you hover over those tags, the secondary tags will be shown. New tags can be created, but try to use existing tags when possible.

There are several benefits to this system:
  • Threads can be categorized by more than one topic
  • A thread can be put into another topic at a later time if the focus of thread shifts
  • Members can help categorize threads by topic and it saves time for the forum staff
  • Threads can be categorized by member defined topics in addition to the main topics

There are some rules to what members can do with the tagging system. All members can add and remove tags from their own threads. The member who started the thread can add 4 tags. Other members (who have been around for more than a week) can add 2 tags to any other thread. Moderators can add or remove tags from any thread to help keep them organized.

One thing to remember is that threads should only be assigned to one or two main topics (which means they would only have one or two main tags). Other tags can be used to further categorize the thread. For example if you have a thread about air filters for your SOHC, you would probably tag it with 'sohc', 'carburetors', and 'air filters'. The thread will show up in the topic 'Carburetors' and also 'SOHC' and can be searched by the secondary tag 'air filters'.

Also note that the tag 'air filter' is different from the tag 'air filters' or 'filters', and searching for the tag 'filters' will only show threads with the exact 'filters' tag and not return threads tagged with 'air filters'. That is why it is best to use the pre-existing tags. As you type into the tag field, existing tags will be suggested.