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My 1981 cb750k has a bad starter. I took it apart and the brushes are within spec and I've already blown out all the carbon buildup and crap so I'm wondering what else it could be? The battery I'm using is good and connections were solid. Also is there any starters for under 80 bucks? I've seen some crazy shit for like 150 to 250, are there any other years or other bike starters that would also work on the 81' 750k? Thanks
Tell us what it is doing. When you had it off the bike did you bench test it before you put it back on?
The motor is on a stand because I'm gonna put it on a gokart. But I pulled the starter apart because when power was hooked up I heard the solenoid click but nothing happened to the motor. No sound at all from the motor.
I just bought a VTX 1300 that was "running just last week". When I hit the start button, the bike did nothing. Turns out battery voltage drop was from 12.5 to 2.5. New battery cured it. Related to Loose Chain's question about the bench test, if it worked on the bench we can troubleshoot elsewhere.