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Hello all,
I am the new owner of a really great condition '81 CB750 F. However, right at pick up from the previous owner we needed to jump it (after seeing it run) and sure enough, the leads were crossed. Please don't beat me up on that any more than I already do myself... Nothing left but the crying at this point.

The main fuse blew but smoke came out from the underseat area for a good 30 seconds.. and replacement of the main fuse didn't do anything except let the engine turn. There's no spark at the spark plug, of course... I killed it. Help?

I have the Clymer manual in front of me right now and it clearly states that I'm an idiot, but furthermore it says if you do that you'll cause damage to the coil, the alternator, and the ignition unit. I can start trying to troubleshoot this according to this manual, but I wonder if anyone here has some tips as well.

Also, I read that the spark unit is quite expensive and that there's a mod to change it with a much cheaper alternative? I see a link listed for "Procom engineering" but the link is dead now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'd like to get this running before Vintage Days at Barber, if you guys can assist. Thank you.
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