Replacing headers and exhaust 1980 CB750C


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Hello everyone,

Looks like this is the site for all things CB750 related.

Yes, I'm the newb, and will post a picture of my bike soon :)

So, I just got back into riding after a long hiatus, and picked up a 1980 CB750C with (supposedly) 7000 miles.

The bike is in decent shape, not like new, and of course when I bought it I made the rookie mistake of not checking the bottom of the mufflers for holes in them (which will NEVER happen again). So, three out of the four mufflers have quarter or bigger size holes in them.

What I'm wondering is what other years of 750C's exhaust will interchange? Am I stuck with '80 or will something else work?

I'm so glad I found this site since I'm not the mechanical type and it looks like there is a lot of great information here, along with a bunch of great members.

Thanks for any information you can provide me!

Actually, here she is! 118579651_3801760079853634_8958252948423848285_o.jpg
Not sure about the compatibility with other CB DOHC models, but keep in mind that practically every used exhaust --if it has no visible holes-- will likely be paper-thin with rust and corrosion. Stock Honda exhausts were quite well designed and engineered -- but costs had to be kept down.

If I were you, I'd consider an aftermarket system ( or the individual components ), which you'll find with no problem during a quick internet search. Just make sure you use the exact specs, for I suspect *similar* models have slightly different anchoring locations or use different clamps or mounting brackets.


BTW - bike looks clean, complete, and original :thumbsup:
The exhaust pipes on pretty much all Honda DOHC from '79-83 will fit with some slight differences in the points in space occurring around the back of muffler attaching point. The plates that mount the back have the hole moving around some. Often you can make a plate adapter that looks good and works fine.

Some '79-'80 used 6 mm. exhaust studs in the head, later used 8 mm. but you can also cobble up sleeves to adapt the smaller studs to bigger holes in parts when needed,

Some pipes mount also to the oil pan and require holes in pan to bolt to, you don't have to put bolts in that spot.

Any 750C year will bolt right on with the possible exception of the head stud size issue.