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Ooops snapped pilot jet housing on no4 carb


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Hi any advise on getting hold of new/old carb body for no 4 carb on a cb750k Ltd 1979, I just broke the pilot jet screw in housing, clumsy was just getting the old girl ready to go into winter storage, clean the carbs why not.........bollocks

Not sure which range of years will do for replacement



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Since you have all winter, you could try a fuel resistant jb weld to put in back together. Wouldn't hurt to try if you think the carb is junk already.
Since that's so external to the rest of the carburetor you may be able to find someone who could braze that back together for you.

If I had made that mistake I'd give it a good try with my soldering kit. You'd have to sand or file off the outer layer of aluminum oxide and paint to get to bare fresh aluminum, flux it well, and then give it a try. If the solder sticks then you might have a chance.
Interesting and also worth a try thanks bud
I used this stuff on a broken Holley carburetor and it worked great. The carb had been dropped upside down and the front vent tube broke out of the housing. It broke a good sized piece out of the main body. I used a graphite rod roughly the same diameter as the vent tube, I stuck it in the hole and built up the area where the broken piece was. After it cooled I pulled out the rod and a little filing to clean up the hole and vent tube fit right back in. It saved an expensive carburetor. With the air cleaner on you couldn't see the repair.