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New to the group (75’)


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Hey guys,
Just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you in advance. Brand new to the group in Sun, Prairie Wisconsin. Have a couple classic bikes, but just bought my first CB750. 1974, sunrise orange. Original owner immediately removed the pipes and stored them in proper storage. The original pipes have not been on the bike since 1975. They were just put back on the bike a couple years ago they are practically brand new. Looking forward to talking with you guys about items that I find on this bike that will need update or adjustment. In this case, my plans are to clean off the little bit of grime that has accumulated over the years. The bike is mostly clean and in good working order.
My other bike is a restored 1966, CL 77 Scrambler. Along with a few other modern bikes including a 2003 Honda VTR100 Superhawk and two Yamaha TW 200s. A 1995 (rainbow warrior.) & 2019.
If anybody has any good suggestions for initial checks or Achilles heel items on this bike, please let me know. Thanks again in advance. I know I’ll have a few questions coming shortly.
Hey Scott, just picked up a flake sunrise orange ‘74 CB750K yesterday (last year of that colour I believe) in love already. It has a few paint flaking, really not that much that I can’t live with. I just want an opinion… leave it original as possible warts and all. or get a professional paint job on the tank and side covers? With original to Honda colour… or another colour I’d prefer (hmm… canary yellow, or whatever)…but not original…thoughts.
Hey matt!
Send some pictures. I’m kind of in the same dilemma. It can only be original once!

My 74 is in very good condition and I always like things to be as nice and clean as possible. But, there is a difference between a nice looking patina and a vehicle that has gone into disrepair. There’s also that – eye of the beholder thing. I would say my paint is an 8.5 / 10, my fender chrome is a 9 / 10, my exhaust chrome is an 8 / 10 only because of some minor surface corrosion near the drain holes and my badges are 5 / 10.
I am planning on leaving the paint as is… I’ve got couple minor chips on the tank and each side cover has one straight crack about an inch long. I’m guessing these cracks have come from the previous owner removing the side cover. It was suggested to me that when the side covers are removed to make sure the rubber grommets are heated and malleable as to prevent further damage. I think if I repair anything I would have the badges fixed.
Does anybody know how to remove the tank badges?