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New to the Forum

Been a while since I’ve updated this.

Haven’t really had the time to do much. Work has been crazy, couple projects back to back had some client and contractor issues to manage. In the end, was an $18k loss. Oh well, at least it’s over with.

Anyways, got the frame back to a roller to start getting a mental/visual path figured out. I think I’m going to keep the stock front end and put some clubman’s on it. The flipped stock bars was more for a visual and so I could easily push/steer it around.

The stock seat pan should work nicely as a cafe seat once it’s sectioned and narrowed to be a tighter fit to the frame rails.

Also, a quick hit with a brass wheel, some scotch brite and a half-a** polish cleaned up the wheel better than expected. The rust is pretty deep and has definitely gone through the chrome. But I may keep it. It matches the putted patina look on the side covers and kicker.

And amongst the paperwork, I found his old tag. This thing hasn’t seen pavement since 88’. Didn’t realize it was that long ago that he layed it over and stopped riding it. I was 2 at the time.

Lmk your thoughts on the “patina’d” rims look. I only spent 2 minutes on that section and that one spoke in total. I’m pretty sure I could get them a little better with some 000 steel wool and WD40 though.


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Stock look is great IMO, I don't like to spend money on making some old stuff looks new, rather spend money to make it work new. I do not have a lot of play money, have to pick and choose.

Great progress looking at your pics, thank you for sharing!