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I just picked up an 81 cb750c that is pretty clean. I promised the wifey that this one isn't a project bike but a week later it's clear that she needs some minor lovin.

it runs well

so I have new tires, brake pads and steel lines, a new seat and some lights on the way. I'm looking for an unmolested rear fender and a grab rail. those grab rails are really hard to find these days! I plan to stuff a little extra baffle into the dekelvic and paint the side covers.

I have the stock pipes in serviceable condition but I like the 4-1 so I'll sell those to help pay for parts. I also have the engine gaurd and a sissy bar to get rid of. I might almost pay for the tires. lol

wish me luck explaining the pile of incoming parts packages to the missus.
Man…….cleaned up with a few changes that’s a good looking bike.

Almost cafe lookin.

Not that I’m really into cafe.
OEM for me.

But really……good looking ride guy.