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Germantown, Tn
New Project '79 CB750k

Have other bikes BMW, recently sold '13 CB1100, vintage Honda scooter. Not new to forums spend most of my time on advrider.com due to my BMW GS bend. But grew up on Hondas and love them. Not sure why I bought this '79 wasn't even what I was looking for! Not doing a restoration, plan was for a survivor look with a few subtle upgrades but turns out the paint isn't stock so...unless I find a brown set of bodywork...who knows! It needs a lot, hasn't run in a while, so will be posting in classifieds for parts.

Here ya go


Some of the other interests

Looking forward to the forum!
I love the cb1100, unfortunately in a weak moment I recently sold it...and I regret it, lol

Fit and finish was beautiful, engine fantastic! I would say the only weak area was suspension. I probably would have upgraded if I kept it.

In my opinion it is great around town and that's how I used it. I have seen some set up with windshields and bags for longer rides and I don't that is a good fit, but I use my BMW GS as a touring bike which couldn't be more different.

I am already looking for another cb1100!