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Hey all. New member but I picked up my Freedom Green K4 about 26 yrs ago or so. So, in an effort to not bore everyone, I'll just bullet the major details over it's life w me.

• 1997: Bought it from an old-timer who had recently ridden from just west of St. Louis, MO to somewhere in Alaska and back and decided at 83 he was too old to be riding motorcycles. Got the bike from him in perfect working order along with a fairly complete parts engine, original HM341 exhaust in good shape, and a now vintage Maalox bottle of his own special chain lube blend (gear oil and bearing grease) w popsicle stick applicator. Still have all of it including the bottle and stick 26yrs later.
• 1997-1999: It was the only vehicle I could afford so I rode it year round which included annual trips to and from school in Providence, RI.
• 2000: Got a car so I started taking better care of the bike and only riding in decent weather...no more snow.
• 2001: Parked it in the back of my parent's garage after a lady made a U turn out of a parking spot in front of me while I was doing about 45mph.
• 2021: Covid was in full swing and I wasn't doing hotrod car club stuff, so I decided to dig the bike out and see what was actually left of it. Luckily I had the foresight to drain the fluids back in '01 so when I pulled it out 20yrs later the engine turned over w the kicker without issue and the carbs were free and amazingly clean.
• 2022/23: What started out as "just a replacement fork, tank, frame check, and tune-up" has turned into what seems like hundreds of boxes of NOS and aftermarket parts (lots of big Yamiya boxes), and countless Honda bags of nuts, bolts and other small items.
• Today: I'm at the point of wiring the thing up. The previous owner had installed a Dynatek Dyna S ignition but the wiring, especially at the mid/back half, was pretty hacked up. I've installed new Dynatek coils, a new 4into1 harness, and CMSNL controls, but ended up w three unused brown wires and a black, so tryna figure that out while also working out a dual front brake setup.

Other stuff about me, I'll turn wrenches on anything. I've currently got a traditionally styled '51 Chevy 3100 hotrod w/a heavily modified 261ci straight six (on a stand), an '87 Dodge Power Ram w/a 4" lift, a 2009 Volvo XC70 T6 w/a 2" lift, and a '22 Ferd F250 to fetch the toys when they break down. It's safe to say I've been into cars and bikes my whole life and have zero brand loyalty. lol. Why love one when you can love em all.