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well I am a old retired sailor USN 1977-1998 My 1st bike was a 1972 Honda CL175 that I bought when I was 16. After a few other bikes I bought my 1st SOHC4 a 1976 CB400f (yellow and Black) . I eventually traded it in on a Brand new 1978 black and orange CB750F (1979 leftover) In 1982 it was stolen and replaced with a 1976 KZ900. Then I got married and life happened. Kept and rode the 900 until 1986. sold it and bought a V45 sabre and later a kawasaki GPZ550. In 2004 I bought a new kawasaki Concours In 2010 I had a problem with vertigo. and had to stop riding the Doctors said that I would always have the problem, I sold my bikes and quit riding a few years later the inner issue went away I waited a few more years and the problem did not come back so this year I started riding again. A friend gave me a great deal on his 2010 Yamaha FJR 1300, then I found a great deal on 2 honda V65's the sabre is like new (had carb leak) and the magna is a major project or parts bike (have not decided yet). I have always wanted a 1978 CB750F again I have found on (barn find) and made a offer on it It had a custom paint job (silver and blue) that matches the original paint pattern (just different colors). Is there any way to tell what the original colors were? If I get it I will start a restoration thread here is my 1985 Sabre, My FJR and the CB750F that I have the offer in on


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