Need a 1970 K0 Frame


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Cheyenne, WY
I am looking for a K0 frame. If you have one or know someone that might have one, please let me know. I came across a 1970 K0 engine case that had been stored for 35 years and need a frame to go with it. Thanks, Cedric
Cedric, do you still have the 70 cb750 engine case? If so, would you sell it? Tganks
Yes, I have two cases. One is a replacement case where the dealer stamped the number on the engine. The other one is a factory stamped engine number and I have many of the engine parts that came inside. It was left outside for years when I bought it but most of the parts can be cleaned and used again.
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When it’s convenient, could you send some pictures and what you are asking? Not sure how you private message on here, but I could give you my cell.
Traveling across Texas right now headed home from OK. Can I send it this evening after I get home. Having my wife type. Thanks
Not trying to hijack but oldstuff I live in seguin Texas and am about to start working on a 1970 or 71 cb 750 that was my dad's in 1983 and was given to me when I was 15 and borrowed parts off of it for a 76 I had, the 70 or 71 (unsure exactly because of frame numbers) is actually a jdm model. Feel free to send me a message with your phone number if you don't mind as I'd love to see what parts you have availble that you might sell.
Shaunbe, I got a 70 motor for my frame, so I’ll be looking for parts myself. I did see an early number motor for sale in Ft. Worth if you need a motor.
I have an extra engine that my dad has had stored for probably 15 years, it supposedly has an 836 kit in it, I'll find out soon enough.
Mine is a jdm model with the blinks speed indicator, not sure if the engine thats in the bike now is anything different from a US model or not but its stuck solid.
Sounds like a neat project you have. I also have a 72 that I just picked up a Tracy fiberglass body for. I already had the headlight fairing. I think it will be a cool custom 70’s looking project also.
did you have any luck finding a 1970 Honda Frame. And if so, I don’t suppose you have any any ideas where I might find one. Thanks Rob
I have a 1970 CB750K0 that's been sitting in my pole barn for about 10 years waiting for me to re-install the cylinders and head after buying a J&E 836 Big Bore Kit. It's raked, has 4" over fork tubes, a longer swingarm, and shorter rear shocks. I live in SW Michigan.


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