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Measurement Request


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Hello SOHC owners, I was wondering if anyone had a loose set of headstuds and could provide the measurements of them to me. I'm trying to determine if they are at all interchangeable with the DOHC head studs. I doubt they are but nobody sells head studs for the DOHC.

DOHC Head stud, PN #90032-425-000, Dimensions are: 8+13/16" long, 5/16" diameter in the middle, with 13/16" of M10x1.25 thread at one end, and 5/8" of it at the other end.

Thanks in advance.
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Non of the cylinder studs are that long in the sohc. longest are little over 7.5" overall
I thought you were looking for studs for a DOHC. The DOHC size is 10x224.
Yes I am and yes they are. 224mm ≈ 8.8125" and they have 10mm threads at the end but get thin in the middle which is the 5/16" measurement I give in the OP.

PS, thank you for your replies in my first thread, they've been very helpful while I continue to look