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Looking for somebody To Rebuild My Carbs


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South Carolina
I put a new kit in and polished all valve seats. Carbs still won't control the fuel flow...
1980 CB750K VB 42A I think maybe the carb kit may have been wrong. ???
Now looking to just pay to get them right...šŸ¤
Any contacts to do this job for me??
Where are you at in SC? I know a guy in Bessemer City NC if youā€™re ever North of Gastonia.
Got my carbs done ! Now i need new air intake boots...
This bike is slowly killing me ! šŸ˜
Take it project by project and you will get it done. There are also some great videos on YouTube about restoring flexibility in old rubber components using wintergreen oil and denatured alcohol. Success on intake rubber and believe I saw one on intake too. Maybe this could potentially save some cash?! Good on you for keeping the old bike alive.

I am working out wiring gremlins after putting a new wiring harness on mine. The aftermarket harness is great but I am running into problems with the old control wire becoming brittle and snapping due to age so it is taking me three times longer than it should after replacing the connectors.