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Whatever you do if it's a DOHC '79-'83 make sure the valves have been adjusted recently, the most common cause of engine problems and burned valves to make them run like crap. Nobody ever did it.


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My 1997 Nighthawk cb750-Found in an old storage locker that I paid $200 (She was under a bunch of cardboard so nobody could see the bike- SCORE). The kicker is the keys AND PAPER WORD where all in the locker with it, I replaced the oil, put some gas in her, brake fluids and she started right up. Been purring like a kitten ever since. I LOVE to ride this bike, and have plenty of ideas for upgrades. Any information would be greatly appreciated. For reference this is the look I am going for: Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.07.17 AM.jpg


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Since these photos were taken, I have pressure washed her. Gave her a nice CLR bath (SHE IS SHINING AGAIN! :) I replaced the Turn signals, replaced the brake and clutch lines with braided steel lines, I put an EK Chain on her and replaced the clutch handle that was snapped.


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Hello all, new member and first CB. I picked it up yesterday for $100 and brought her home. I'm flipping this bike but for the moment I'm just aiming to get the bike to fire (has a bad coil). I've been wrenching on bikes for 3 years now, my first is an 83 Magna V45 and I'm almost finished with my '80 GL1100I that I reassembled from a box of parts.

Not sure exactly where I'm going to take this bike. Since this is going to be my first custom build, I think I'm going to go with a stripped cafe since that seems to be the market interest, but I'm personally leaning towards a scrambler. It'll likely end up some crazy mix of the two when I'm done!!!

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1980 cb750c

Hello I bought this bike in PA in 93 then took her back to Ireland rode her around England Italy France Switzerland isle of man still enjoying her once I figure out how to put up photos


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This is my bone stock 95' nighthawk (Besides taking the queen seat off right away). Just joined the forum to start changing that!
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New Project/new to forum: '81 CB750F for $400

Just starting this project. Paid $400 total. All the parts seem to be there, although pretty rough. Engine rebuilt and powder coated. Came with a set of '07 GSXR forks and triple tree. Not sure if I'll use them, as the stock setup seems ok. Looking to run all new electric and battery. Strip her down and make a retro street racer/cafe style. Keep it looking 80's best I can.


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Hi everyone,
I joined this group since I recently bought the bike attached. It came with two other chassis/engines, basically for some parts. Then I got a rolling chassis from a work buddy. So now I have a 1979 and 1980 CB750F Supersport. I was 16 when the 1980 models came out and loved the look. IMG_5693.jpg