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Hello all!

I’m having a recent issue with the “kick stand down” interlock not killing the engine when I go into gear. The indicator lamp is working properly and goes on and off with the KS position but, as I said the engine still runs with the stand down and in gear.

If I’m reading the schematic correctly, the kick stand switch is single pole/double throw and simply puts a ground on one side of the indicator lamp when the stand is down. I don’t see any connection to the ignition system through that switch, which leads me to believe ignition cutoff must happen through the neutral switch, although how the neutral switch “knows” if the stand is up or down is a puzzlement. The neutral lamp goes on and off when I shift out of neutral, but again, the engine still runs in gear, with the stand down. Not good 😱.

A variety of search terms on the Forum were unproductive.

Advice appreciated.

OK, my bad. 😟 Upon a closer look at the schematic, the kick stand switch should apply a ground to the ignition module only when the stand is up. Looks like I have a bad switch since the ground is there constantly. Will inspect the switch.
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