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It's Here, Finally!!!


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Fort Worth, TX
Yup, after a month my '78 750K arrived from BaT. Now before you start in on the transportation people taking for ever, I did have a two week trip planned that mucked up my delivery date. Anyway, it's here now, dead battery and all. I just ordered a new on that will be here tomorrow so the world will be back to normal in less than 24 hrs. I did get it fired up, sounds good, just as I remember my K2 from many decades ago. Now my next chore is reinstating my MC license (for Texas); I have checked on-line and see a school for people that know how to ride (but need to add the MC stamp) being held on the 27th. I does bug me that I have to pay $270 so show someone that I still remember how to ride!!

I would like to find an old Wixom fairing for a CB750K should anyone know of one. Looking forward to some early morning rides on back roads with a food stop thrown in. :)

Very nice, grats! You folks down south sure are able to extend the riding season just a bit, but I certainly enjoy the three beautiful seasons that the north gets (winter can go away for all I care)
We do have 4 seasons here, we just name them a little differently; "Almost Summer", "Summer", "Still Summer" and "Christmas"..... it all works out the same. We still has a spell where we put the nice cars and bikes away....for about 2 to 3 weeks, then they come back out again on a limited bases for the next few weeks. ;)
Florida also has two springs. There is a week or so of spring weather and rain, then it drops to winter again.