Inherited '72 750


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Howdy all!

First off, a link to a few pictures. :)

Now then...

I inherited this bike when my father-in-law passed away about 4 years ago. He had just finished complete restore work and was a life long mechanic and the ORIGINAL owner of the bike. First and only vehicle he ever bought new. :) Complete engine rebuild, re-bore, new everything. Had the gauges restored, new side panels (I have the emblems in a box to be attached), etc. He finally had the time and money (both at the same time!!!) to rebuild it and finished just before he passed. Finalizing the emblems was one of the last things to do. I even have all the paperwork he EVER had related to the bike (he was meticulous about these things). Every part, all restore project documents and even the original sales receipt. Everything.

So, here I am, a rider but not a mechanic of his level by any means (professional mechanic for years and he worked building engines on a local Indy race team for a number of years as well). Now because I'm not anywhere near I don't know what to do about the one problem I know about this bike. It burns oil out of all 4 pipes. Two (top left, bottom right) more than the others but still some. Talking with other gear heads I know I'm guessing piston rings aren't sealing or one of the gaskets in the rebuild is letting oil leak into all four cylinders. Because of this I haven't ridden it in the last four years. I start it every so often and let it warm up but nothing beyond that. He was the last to ride it any appreciable distance.

I've come to terms with the fact that I won't ever find the time to tear into it to stop the oil burn and that I probably won't ride for awhile (I had sold my last bike just before I inherited this one) so, in spite of the pain of seeing something so beloved go I've decided I need to sell it to someone who appreciates these bikes and has the time to enjoy it.

The point of this post is two-fold. First, I wanted to share a bit of his story and let others who love these see what I think is a great example of a bike loved by it's original owner for many years. The second bit is that I have no idea what these bikes are worth or where to find a group of enthusiasts that would (and could) appreciate this bike and would somehow honor the history it has had as the second owners.

All comments are welcome. Any advice on where to post this for sale and how to price it is appreciated. If I posted to the wrong forum page please forgive me and let me know! Happy to be here and see some amazing bikes you all have!