Gofast Innovations JIS screwdriver and impact driver set Giveaway

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Gofast Innovations is giving away their JIS screwdriver set, impact driver set, and 8-piece impact driver bit set to one lucky CB750.com member! If you're working on vintage Japanese motorcycles, you need to be using Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) drivers.

Just post in this thread to enter the random drawing. Free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. Winners in other countries will pay shipping only. The drawing ends at 11pm CST on January 7th, 2022.

Good luck everybody and thank you to Gofast Innovations for sponsoring this site and its members with this giveaway! Check out https://www.gofastinnovations.com

Impact Driver - One 1/4” #2 JIS bit and One 1/4” #3 JIS bit

You’ve never seen an Impact Driver like this before!

Exclusive to Gofast Innovations this German designed impact driver weighs just 7.3 ounces. Other company’s drivers can weigh up to 23 ounces. This makes our impact driver much easier to keep horizontal when hitting it with a hammer to remove difficult screws saving you from hitting your hand.

The sturdy box contains one Gofast Innovations Impact driver, one 1/4” #2 JIS bit and one 1/4” #3 JIS bit. Guaranteed to fit every JIS and Phillips screw.

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Gofast Innovations JIS Impact Driver Bits (1/4")

Each set contains the following:
4 1/4" - #2 JIS Impact Driver Bits ( 2 Short 25mm & 2 Long 75mm)
4 1/4" - #3 JIS Impact Driver Bits ( 2 Short 25mm & 2 Long 75mm)

Packaged in a sturdy plastic box.

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Gofast Innovations JiS Screwdriver Set

Each set contains the following:
1-JIS style screwdriver-size #1 with a 75mm shaft, perfect for those little screws on handlebar switches, electrics, etc
1-JIS style screwdriver-size #2 with a 100mm shaft, our most versatile, great for all carb screws, etc
1-JIS style screwdriver-size #3 with a 150mm shaft, fits all those larger screws found on the engine cases and bodywork.

When you receive your Gofast Innovations JIS screwdriver set and open the box, you will find the best set and maybe the last set of screwdrivers you will ever buy. That’s because JIS screwdrivers fit most Phillips screws too.

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Nice tools, would love to win!


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Great tool's, would allow me to downsize my JIS stuff that I have to carry around!
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