Fuel Tank compatibility -- CB750F Super Sport DOHC / CB400T

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hello esteemed group members,

QUESTION - are the CB750F Super Sport ( DOHC ) and CB400T fuel tanks identical ?

if not ... are they compatible as far as mounting anchoring points ? would major mods be needed ?


im having a hard time finding a fuel tank for my CB750F S/S ( DOHC ), so I was wondering if the CB400T would to the job ( this is not a restoration but a resto-mod, and I won't be using side panels )

thank you as always !
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Without knowing the exact fuel amount in a 400 tank I'd bet a million the 750 tank is bigger at 5.3 gallons.

(edit) Just found it, the CB400N, the T model is different style. The N has 3.7 gallon tank.

https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Honda/honda_cb400-II 78.htm

I'd bet too the smaller tank is shorter, the 750 one is bigger than any middleweight tank I've ever seen. There is 5 inches difference in the two wheelbases screaming tank length will change making direct bolt on not doable.

I'm wrong about at least some of the T tanks, they change from the one that does not match to the F style one later on, be careful or you will get the wrong tank. The correct one seems to bolt down the same but again I'd bet the bigger one for 750 is longer. The N model may be the euro version. Use partzilla.com to sort the parts out by year.

I assume you know the 750 F tank is the exact same as 900F and 1100F US version except for some having dead smooth tank and others having bolt on emblems. Emblems being decal on the smooth tanks. The petcock fittings vary too, the original 750 DOHC was too small and through the years the fittings got changes to make at least 3 sizes.
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