Frame damage possibly?/cb750F 1982


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Hey there lads,

I have a CB750F bol d'or from 1982 and after removing the tank today I notice a bracket did not align well. Upon inspection I can't say if the frame is bent or if it is badly welded.
The motorcycle had an accident and the front forks are slightly bent. the same side has some minor damage on the protection bars for the engine as you can see in the picture. The hadlight got a little crack as well from the same accident, it doesn't look that severe actually but I wasn't there.

Anyone in here that can tell me how to check for issues ? Could this be me zooming in on a problem that isn't there or not?
I can't see any paint breaks or something clearly, it seems also as if the upper side left side isn't the same height as the other side but considering there is alsoa subframe part I don't know if the frame is identical left and right ..

video added, let me know: