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A few years ago I bought a 1976 Honda CB750A. I had the best of intentions of turning it into a cool little cafe racer. I thought it would be a good distraction and even with my inexperience, I would have fun rebuilding it.

My life took an unexpected turn and I'm moving out-of-state in July.

I have stripped the bike to the frame, forks still on it. The motor doesn't run, but did have compression. The original tank had very very old gas and was corroded. I bought a new one on eBay, it has a dent but I think it's repairable.

I don't want much, mostly I would be happy to get it picked up by someone that will either finish repairs or will use it to build on their own bike. It just seems a waste of history to scrap the bike.

Email me at and I can get pics. I'm in the St Louis area if anyone is interested.
Really do hope to get a person to take this.the alternative is I have to scrap it.tbqh, if an interested party is found the price is really flexible, just hate to junk a bit of history when there are people that could keep it road worthy