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Central Valley Caliornia
Garage find survivor. 5,700 miles. All original. Been stored inside since about 1987. Current registration, clean title in my name. Overall very good condition. Chrome shows some minor pitting, no rust. Top of tank looks as if cardboard boxes were stored on it. Purchased and working on it to keep, found a low mileage 750 cannot keep both. New tires, carbs rebuilt by carb shack. Tank professionally cleaned and coated. Complete tune-up, oil change. New fork seals and gators. Rebuilt caliper. Everything works, runs smooth and strong. Owners manual still in plastic sleeve. Tool kit. I am in Central California can help arrange shipping to US. $4,500.00.


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Thanks, like this bike much happier with my 750. Bike was put together as a dealer custom semi-chopper build. I got rid of the back rest, changed the bars to stock dimensions, put the forks back to stock length with new gators, seals, etc. Did not know about the fork rings just purchased a set of NOS now have to figure out how to install.


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