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Clutch questions...


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Austin Texas
I have a 92, recently rebuilt the engine and am almost ready to get her back on the road, fingers crossed I did it correctly.
What I've run into is that when putting the clutch back together I cant remember/find in the manual how to align the clutch pin thing in the clutch cover. Hopefully I can explain what I mean without sounding like I have no idea what I'm doing. On the inside of the clutch cover there is a pin that reacts when you pull on the clutch. Is the pin supposed to push in when you pull the clutch lever or pull out? I can align it so it does either and both look correct. For some reason the manual doesn't explain (probably because it's so basic that I should know this already i guess)
My second question is the plate that holds the four springs in. How tight do I meed to tighten the bolts down that compress the springs? Again can't find an answer in the manual. Should they be tightened all the way? Should there be some play in the springs? Should they be fairly loose?
I've tried putting the pin to where it presses in when I pull the clutch handle and the clutch bike won't move in gear. Same when the pin pulls out. I've read that when sitting for a while without oil the clutch can become kinda stuck and putting oil in and kinda pushing the bike down a hill or starting the bike can break it loose. I just want to put the clutch in correctly before putting the oil in. Sorry for the super long post just don't exactly know how to explain it. Thanks