Clutch problems, CB 750 K RC01 1982.


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I'm trying to get my CB 750 K RC01 1982 to run. There's always new problems when one is solved.

I think this sound fits what I have on my bike.

What do I need to do to fix this and what is needed?

Also the clutch doesn't work. Can change gears when engine is off but when it's on the clutch handle doesn't make any sense.

So I guess I really need to open the clutch and do some repairs?

I don't have any special tools so need that too. What parts do I really need? I have made a shopping list at DavidSilverSpares of:

Clutch holding tool set
Clutch kit
Clutch lock nut
Clutch lock nut removal tool
Gear change shaft oil seal

Please help me know which parts I need to hopefully fix this.

Offtopic, bike can't cold start without starter gas. What's the common reasons for this?

'...when it's on the clutch handle doesn't make any sense.'

There is no way to possibly ever know what you mean by that............the clutch could be brand new and you still having no working clutch if not understanding what goes on there.

Bike won't start cold if the chokes are not fully closing, what the choke cable does is not necessarily tied to the chokes closing fully.