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Clutch and lack of oil


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Good morning, on my 72 had to replace the clutch a couple years back and had no problem, everything worked fine bike has sat for a while started it off and on but not riding it, noticed my clutch was not working correctly and decided to investigate. I pulled the cover off and noticed little to no oil when pulling the cover off (Typically you see oil come from the cover when pulling it but nothing). Pulled the clutch apart again and noticed it was dry and plates were sticking together. I am in the process of putting it back together but here is my question. I check the roil reservoir and the dip stick shows full? what is going on with the clutch and what could be causing this. PS when i replaced the orig clutch i know i put 3-4 Quarts of oil in the bike? Any suggestions?

Oil drains out of the clutch over time if not ridden. If you dont ride it no oil will work its way in the clutch. Just sitting there idling wont oil the clutch.
had no oil in the clutch when cover has been removed, clutch plates were found to be stuck together,due to lack of oil. have pulled hte cklutch apart again and cleaning for reassembly. going to be checking all lines to assure no clogs (oil pump seems ok)

Note purchased two parts bikes same year, broke clutch basket and pulled clutch out of one of these to use for spare parts and its dripping with oil.