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Classic Bol dor Rim renewal


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Hey there beloved DOHC lover,

So I 2 rims from an CB750f RC04 750f (pic included). These are the classic golden bol dor rims.

I do howeve rhave some questions about these as I want to restore them:

1. How to sand it down, I don't have a bead blaster or vapor blaster or such, in order for me to repaint them? Easy ways like paint eater or does that damage the material?
2. As these rims are very old, do I have to check or do anything to the rivets that are on them? Like with spoke wheels you have to retighten the spokes? Anything here ?
3. Any other recommendations anyone can give me and must do or avoid to do would be welcome.

Thanks a lot!

I've had some of those wheels powder coated and then polished the outside edges and they turned out excellent. Much better than painting them.
I'd won't have the resources to powded coat them Loose Chain, fixing them up in my garage .. I'm redoing a full CB750F so costs is something I have to look at. The question is do I overpaint them or do I need to remove the paint and if so whats a good way of doing this?
Well just give them a scuff and paint them then. I would suggest washing them with a degreaser first and then a sand on the bad spots. The rest you could scuff with a scotchbrite pad.
Alright thanks a lot, what kind of pads would you recommend Loose? Manual pads like the red of green ones or like the ones for in a drill ?
The green floppy ones.That way you can get into the corners. You can even buy them at the grocery store.
No problem. You can just cut them with a scissors to whatever size you want. They work great.