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I've got brand new carb boots and can't get #2 and #3 to seat properly. The old ones were a pain too, but this is ridiculous. I checked that all the carbs are even, and the boots look even when the carbs aren't on, but I can't get them to seat when #1 and #4 are all the way in. I've currently got a ratchet strap on them and that alleviated some frustration but even clamped tight they won't seat. Any tips for this process?


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There are different part #"s for the boots.I bought a set of aftermarket boots and I never got them work so I ended up replacing them with the big dollar OEM boots.
I used WD 40 on the boots and make sure those clamps are out the, even remove them completely prior to install.
get rid of the big clips/ clamps , use a heat gun to soften the boots and if you turn them a little bit you will find they will fit ok. i had a problem with genuine japanese boots and ended up elongating the air box bracket fastening hole , then i had to take the carbs off again and took my time and used the proper clips and they all worked as they should. those juby clips need throwing over your shoulder or putting on a 4x4
Start over. Take your time. Take the carbs off again. Remove all the clamps. Confirm you have the correct boot on each cylinder. Put a straight edge across the 4 boots to confirm the boots are all rotated correctly. Lube them up and try again. Do not use those clamps. Buy the correct type clamps for the bike. Install the correct clamps "After" everything is fitted properly. Put the clamps you have been using in a place where they will never be near a bike again.
Thanks guys, will get proper clips next time around. These are generic boots from 4into1. They came in numbered bags but sure look the same to me lol. I swapped 1&2, and 3&4. It seems like tightening them compressed the rubber and made them longer, started over and went bit by bit tightening and they are all snug. What a pain lol.