Can't find why I have no spark


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New Mexico
I'm currently building an 83 Nighthawk Cafe but want to get it running before fabbing. I checked spark, compression and gas before trying to start it and was able to get it to run for about 10 sec. I did some cleaning to the carbs cause I knew the floats were getting stuck. Cleaned the carbs put them back on and tried again but got nothing. Checked my spark and got nothing.. I am using a car battery to turn it over (not sure if this is a bad thing or not). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciative. View attachment IMG_20180715_121517.pdf
I would not use a car battery to start you bike. Good way to fry your system. To many amps. Check your fuses you may of did one of them in if not your electrical system with that car battery.
Car battery is fine as long as not hooked to a running car. Car battery just has more capacity and capable of delivering more amperage if there is a demand for it, the battery wont force more amperage through the bike system. The bike will only use what it needs.
If it had spark before and doesnt now after you worked on it then chances are you moved, disconnected, broke a wire or connection somewhere.