Bought a new (old) toy


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Hi All,
well i had one of these when i was 18, been looking for a while and found this, bought it and had it shipped down and am very happy with it, It has fuelling issues but will deal with that, in the flesh it doesnt look quite as good as the picture, but its all there and in good shape, mainly painting issues and Carb.

I have a couple of questions but will raise them in the DOHC forum

But it rides nice and makes me feel closer to 18 than 61 :) which it what it was suppsoe to do

1979 CB750KZ RC01

Have not worked the mileage out yet, from memory the MOT certificates looks like it went to about 34k, then the next year down to 28k, now showing 29k so guessing aroung 35k miles. Was running on 3 cylinders when it arrived, confirmed that the coils were good, replaced the HT leads, improved things to about 3.5 cylinders so took it for a ride, it was a lovely ride but terrible fuelling, wouldnt pull above 60MPH at the start of the ride but improved by the end.

2nd ride out it was still improving but when lots of fuel was needed it coughed and misbehaved, home carbs off, carbs apart and found a broken o ring, so i am going to do a full carb rebuild as its a keeper.