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Advice on my 81 CB750F Cafe Build *Pictures Included*


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Hey guys, so I'm new to this forum, and as this is my first cafe build, I could use some advice. First, I'll show you what I'm working with:

1981 CB750F Super Sport
- lots of aesthetic work done already
CB750 1.jpg
CB750 2.jpg
CB750 3.jpg
CB750 5.jpg
CB750 4.jpg

so what are my plans?
- black rear springs and housings/front and rear calipers/gearbox cover/clutch cover/front fork lowers
- relocation of the battery and fusebox so I can get rid of these side covers (if I kept them I was going to make them all black)
- clip-ons (along with a new MBC and levers)/rearsets

What I REALLY could use some help with:
- so I'm limited to a pretty decent tool set, but in terms of fabrication my ability is limited. As such, the rearsets pose a bit of a problem given the fact that no one seems to make brackets for the 81 750F. I can pay to have some brackets custom fabricated, but am seeking ya'lls advice on what the best route to go on the rearsets would be. Optimally I'd like to have them around the middle between the passenger pegs and their current location. Thanks for the help in advance!